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Can You Really Get Paid for Online Surveys?

Believe it or not, you most definitely can get paid for online surveys. So, why would anyone pay you to take a survey? It’s simple, really. It can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop and manufacture a product.

Smart businesses do market research surveys to find out what their potential customers think. Most paid surveys ask the survey taker various demographic questions so they can find out what different market segments think about their proposed product and what features they would like to have.

The company then compiles this information and uses it to make decisions about both the development and the marketing of their product. Online surveys are the most cost-efficient method of asking consumers what they want. Offline methods such as postal mail, focus groups and telephone interviews are much slower and considerably more expensive.

A good example is the cell phones marketing wars. One major manufacturer markets all of its “girlie” covers. It is obvious these ads were targeted at fashion-conscious young women. Now a new phone is being marketed as the rough-and-tumble robot which is obviously aimed at young men as an alternative to all those “sissy” phones.

How much can you earn taking surveys?

It depends on the survey. They can pay anywhere from less than a $1 up to $100 per survey with the average payment between three and ten dollars. Can you get rich? Probably not. But you can earn extra money each month for very easy work and that is not a bad thing to do.

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