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Build Your Fortune With How-To Info For Ambitious People

Tyler G. Hicks

by Tyler G. Hicks

NEWSPAPER AND TV HEADLINES SCREAM ABOUT LAYOFFS in almost every industry and business. Result–millions of unemployed men and women aching from the stress of being laid off and looking for a way to recover and rid themselves of the fear and turmoil of future layoffs. The answer:

  • How-to information showing these people the steps to take to start their own business that will give them the security they seek for themselves and their families.
  • Providing business opportunities to people who always sought a “good job” thinking that the big company would provide security and income they and their families need.
  • Learning–to their great disappointment–that job security is a thing of the past. The only job security today is that which you make for yourself in your own business.

THE HOW-TO INFO YOU SELL TO THESE OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS may be in many different forms–such as a book, an audio tape, a video tape, a CD or DVD, etc. But the form is NOT what you're selling. Instead, you're selling a Business Opportunity. To earn a fortune in this great business:

  1. Decide what field you'll offer business opportunity information in–mail order, import-export, finance, travel agency, locksmith, auto repairs, home design, etc.
  2. Find suitable materials convering the field you've decided to start in. You'll find them listed in “Books in Print” at any large Public Library, or in video and audio directories available in the same place.
  3. Contact the publisher by mail, phone or fax. Ask for their Discount Schedule for various quantities. Also ask for their preprinted ad materials available free to you.
  4. Pick a way to sell your materials to the Opportunity Seekers you're targeting. You can use Mail Order, Direct Mail, Internet, Infomercials, etc. You NEVER sell face-to- face. Instead you use a medium that sells for you.
  5. Use a small catalog at the start. You can use a folded 8.5×11-in. sheet of paper to give you a 4-page catalog at the start. Catalogs stay around–people don't throw them out. So you can earn big money from even a simple catalog.
  6. Keep sending your customers info about your offers. Opportunity Seekers are constantly looking for the next big break that will earn them a bigger income. Sell these breaks to them using your catalog–by mail, Internet, video, etc.
  7. Expect to earn a higher income from info business– thus you can earn $100,000 to $250,000 a year working full time in your own how-to info business. Of course, if you work only part-time, your earnings will be lower.
  8. Sell financial opportunities, credit repair, loans, grants and similar how-to info and you'll never look for another salaried job as long as you live! Instead, you'll be offering salaried jobs to out-of-work people laid off by big firms!

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Author Bio

Tyler G. Hicks, the president of International Wealth Success Inc., is the author of many wealth building publications, including the Import-Export Riches Kit and the Fortune Builder's Program Kit.